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Southwestern Flavor Adventure 1: Packet Covers!
big bee
I finally got permission to post some of the things I've been working on over the past year. I'd like everyone to meet my baby, Southwestern Flavor Adventure.

Southwestern Flavor Adventure is a coloring book about foods native to New Mexico. It's Spanish/English and illiterate-friendly, with pictorial recipes and diagrams supplementing the text. It's geared towards teachers, 1st and 2nd graders, and parents. It's meant to help address food education in rural areas. Eventually the packets will be free to download for anyone who wants to teach a child how to eat a cactus safely. :3!

Calabacitas, or Summer Squash!

Corn and tortillas! Yes the tortilla smasher is as much fun as it looks. This lesson also featured a MEAT GRINDER.

Nopales salad! Mmm mmm. The spines are removed first, duh.

Beans and greens is actually one of my favorite side-dishes now. What, you didn't think I neglected to bother eating the things I was drawing? Ha! I ate everything I was drawing. It was delicious.

Mesquite flour is actually a really good alternative to regular flour for the glucose-intolerant. I am a big advocate of more mesquite flour. Sadly I didn't get to sample this dish, as we got rushed towards the end.

Next week, I'll post the taxonomic illustrations. After that, I think I'll post the pictorial recipes and then maybe have a post about all the tiny random graphics.

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... am I weird for thinking that the nopales are adorable?

Aren't some kinds of cactus dangerous?


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