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ATCs and ACEOs 2
big bee
I like ATCs and ACEOs. Trying to build up my collection! Here are ones that I have traded or will trade soon!

Drawn for a local friend; traded it for another space-themed card of an astronaut on the moon with his cell phone saying "Sorry Honey, I needed more space." XD Best thing ever.

This was for a monthly trade, got GargoyleGoddess21. This is her character Dracon the knight. He's on a QUEST! It's in the mail to her; hope she gets it soon!

This was for a second monthly trade Secret Santa like thing. She requested a catboy character of hers but I mistook the name 'Laurent' to mean the ladycat who was also on the same page. Turns out I drew the character Romantic instead, but Misssarahz was super understanding! :D

This was for another monthly trade. I got Verdego and drew their snow dragon, Balados!

These three went to Lemurkat down in New Zealand! :D

Commissioned for Mareepish of

This is for someone I just met on ATCs for All. I'm trading this for a flower stamp ATC.


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